Espirit Explains Westgate Project

Espirit uses LEDsEspirit uses LEDs to frame and highlight the display in this totemPeter Livesey, owner of UK specialist digital signage provider, Espirit Digital, was in characteristically positive mood at the event. The company had some good looking LED, high brightness and touch displays on show.

Livesey told us of a huge project that the firm completed last year with Westfield, the owner of shopping malls, in Australia. Over a couple of months, his company made and installed 900 totems in 40 malls across Australia. The displays were made in the UK and “flat-packed” (think IKEA!) and shipped to Adelaide for assembly. Espirit also undertook the installation.

He told us that by November of last year, Westfield had already made enough savings and additional income on advertising to pay for the installations, which it should give 10 years of use (with a 5 year ‘refresh’). As a result, he believes that the success of advertising-driven networks is scale. In the case of Westfield, the shopping malls include supermarkets and so are very heavily used. He believes that the footfall helps the Westfield network to have bigger audiences than TV channels in the country.

Although Espirit has mainly been LCD-focused in the past, the firm is developing its ED (Espirit Digital) LED products which are currently available in pitches down to 2.4mm, but will soon be available down to 0.95mm pitch. Livesey is very bullish about prospects for LED and believes that his company’s experience.

Espirit patternEspirit put this pattern of the logo on the back of displays developed for Virgin Media