Epson to Demonstrate Augmented Reality Applications for Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses at Augmented World Expo 2016

AUGMENTED WORLD EXPO, Epson, providers of the Moverio® augmented reality (AR) smart eyewear platform, will demonstrate AR applications for the Moverio BT-300 smart glasses at the 7th Annual Augmented World Expo (AWE), June 1-2, 2016 in Santa Clara, Calif.

Featuring Epson’s breakthrough silicon-based OLED (organic light emitting diode) display technology, the Moverio BT-300 enables transparent, mobile AR for businesses and consumers in a comfortable, lightweight form factor at an affordable price. Powered by Android OS 5.1, the Moverio BT-300 seamlessly renders 3D content in the real world with no display background or edges in the field of view, creating a true AR experience.

The following companies will be showcasing their applications on the Epson Moverio BT-300 at AWE Booth #5 in the AR Hall:

  • AR-Cadia, an Israeli start-up now headquartered in Silicon Valley, will demonstrate technology that instantly brings mobile phone apps to life on the Moverio BT-300. From social media sites to streaming video services, the software allows mobile apps to be enjoyed privately via a large, transparent display in the Moverio user’s field of view. In addition, AR-Cadia enables Moverio users to ‘pin’ apps, web pages or 3D images as ‘holograms’ to targets in the physical world. These images can then be viewed from any angle as objects ‘floating’ in space. One demo will show how an e-commerce app user, for instance, can simply push a button on their phone to view a new pair of shoes as a 3D image before purchasing.

  • Navisens, based in San Francisco, will showcase its motionDNA™ technology optimized for the Moverio platform that locates personnel and mobile devices indoors and underground without WiFi, GPS or Bluetooth beacons. Originally developed to track firefighters inside burning structures, Navisens technology processes data from sensors inside mobile devices to provide 3D navigation visualization in real time.

  • Augumenta, Ltd., a Finnish company, will showcase its latest gesture control and virtual inputs on the Moverio smart glasses, enabling intuitive interaction with enterprise and consumer applications.

Rochester Optical, a New York-based optics company that designs and manufactures prescription eyewear solutions for the smart glasses industry, will be showing its array of Moverio-optimized products.

“These innovative applications will provide AWE attendees with a first glimpse of the power of the Moverio BT-300,” said Eric Mizufuka, product manager, New Ventures for Epson America. “I’m confident that the Moverio BT-300 represents the next display technology – the 4th screen – that will soon dominate the electronics industry.”

Available in late 2016, the Epson Moverio BT-300 may be pre-ordered at For a complete product overview of the Moverio BT-300, please visit the following link.