Epson Goes Wide for Home Cinema Use

Epson’s Home Cinema 1040 and 1440 are bright 3LCD projectors with a wide aspect ratio.

Both units have 1920 x 1200 (16:10) resolution, and can display 10-bit colour. The Home Cinema 1440 adds Faroudja DCDi video enhancement technology, which enhances content without introducing artefacts.

HDMI (x2), VGA, composite and USB ports are featured on both projectors. MHL-HDMI, RS232, RJ45 and USB-B connections are also featured on the 1440. Manual focus and zoom (1.2x on the 1040 and 1.6x on the 1440) are built in.

Specifications are similar, but not identical, between the products. The 1040 uses a 200W lamp (lasting 5,000 – 10,000 hours) to produce 3,000 lumens of brightness. Throw ratio is 1.38 – 1.68:1. Images can be sized between 30″ and 300″ from 0.86m to 11m. Keystone correction is +/-30° vertical and horizontal, and contrast ratio is 15,000:1. A 2W speaker provides audio.

A 280W lamp (lasting 3,000 – 4,000 hours) is built in to the 1440, providing up to 4,400 lumens of brightness. The projector has a 1.38 – 2.28:1 throw ratio, and can produce a 50″ – 300″ image from 1.5m – 9m. +/-30° vertical (auto) and +/-20° horizontal (manual) keystone correction is built in. Contrast ratio is 10,000:1, and a 16W speaker is built in. Split screen functionality is also featured.

The Home Cinema 1040 measures 297 x 244 x 84mm and weighs 2.6kg. The Home Cinema 1440 measures 376 x 290 x 124mm and weighs 4.6kg. The projectors are on sale now, for $800 and $1,700, respectively.