Emirates Shows off Virtual Windows in Boeing 777 First Class Suite

Emirates has revealed the first class suite of its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, which incorporates “virtual windows”, made with what are believed to be OLED panels.

The virtual windows have been designed to help passengers deal with the effects of jet-lag. Cameras on the exterior of the aircraft can transmit real-life images to the displays but they are also capable of showing other content, keeping the cabin of the plane brighter to help passengers adjust to the time-zone of their destination.

The first class suite also features a tablet that can be used to control the passenger’s seat position and in-cabin entertainment, displayed on a 32″ HDTV. Additionally, it can be used to contact staff on board the flight via video calling features, and offers free Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile, a small panel on the interior wall can be used to control lighting level and colour, and cabin temperature.