eMagin Awarded $2.5 Million U.S. Army Contract for OLED Microdisplay Prototype Project


eMagin Corporation, a leader in the development, design and manufacture of high-resolution OLED microdisplays for AR/VR and other near-eye imaging products, announced it has been awarded a $2.5 million contract from the U.S. Army for a high-brightness, full-color OLED microdisplay prototype project, including manufacturing process technologies.

The prototype will be used in AR systems that provide both sensor and tactical data to soldiers, thereby enhancing situational awareness and mobility in a range of military applications.

“We are honored that the Department of Defense has recognized eMagin’s OLED manufacturing and technical capabilities and appreciate the grant award, which will support our continuing efforts to provide a U.S. supply chain solution for these critical military components,” said Andrew Sculley, CEO of eMagin Corporation. “eMagin is the sole U.S. manufacturer of OLED microdisplays and we have proudly supplied to U.S. defense programs of record since 2006.”

“This project will support the government’s need to secure a U.S. source for a high-performance microdisplay that provides high brightness and exceptional visual acuity with high information content, even in bright daylight conditions,” said Amal Ghosh, eMagin’s chief operating officer. “We will further improve the efficiency, brightness and lifetime of our proprietary direct-patterned, full-color OLED microdisplays by incorporating additional technological advancements.”

As part of this project, eMagin will deliver high-brightness color OLED microdisplay prototypes for testing and evaluation within 24 months. It is anticipated that upon the successful completion of the prototype, a follow-on production agreement may be issued without the need for a competitive process.

About eMagin

eMagin is the leader in OLED microdisplay technology, enabling the visualization of digital information and imagery for world-class customers in the military, consumer, medical and industrial markets. The Company invents, engineers, and manufactures display technologies of the future and is the only manufacturer of OLED displays in the United States. eMagin’s Direct Patterning Technology (dPd™) will transform the way the world consumes information. Since 2001, eMagin’s microdisplays have been used in AR/VR, aircraft helmets, heads-up display systems, thermal scopes, night vision goggles, future weapon systems and a variety of other applications.