Elbit and ATR Cooperate on HUD

According to the Aviation International News (AIN Online), Elbit and ATR are working together on a new HUD system for the aviation industry. This new device will be based on a wearable form factor instead of the typical HUD in a car or airplane.

While both companies have not confirmed this arrangement through a press release yet, this would make complete sense and would bring the augmented reality system to the smaller turboprop airplanes ATR is best known for.

Source: Aviation International News –

The Clear Vision system is based on the Elbit’s SkyLens system and adds an IR camera mounted in the airplanes nose for poor visibility and at night. While only one pilot is wearing the head mounted display for cost reasons, the other pilot sees the same content on a flat panel display in the cockpit. They expect this system to go for certification in the summer of 2017. – NH