EDO Warns of Blue Light Danger with LCD (BC24)

Michael Wong is from EverDisplay Optronics (EDO) which is developing AMOLED technology. EDO is interested in the new high growth markets and sees watches as an important application for the future as well as AR/VR.

The company started in 2012 in Shanghai and has LTPS AMOLED technology with top emission. It can make 21K G4.5 substrates per month and the company started production in 2014. It is preparing for a Phase II manufacturing line.

Since building the factory, it started making HD, then FullHD smartphone panels and then WQHD displays in November 2014. It has started sampling 287 ppi 1.4″ circular watch displays and most recently sampled an 8″ FullHD sample for automotive applications.

LTPS AMOLED is challenging from the production point of view and the technology and supply chain are both developing. Investment has been growing in AMOLED and both Samsung and LG are developing flexible OLEDs and JOLED is an initiative in Japan. EDO is now making some OLEDs and is ready for its next phase of investment and development.

Wong next went through the advantages of OLED. He picked out a wider range of temperature as a feature that doesn’t get mentioned much.

Wong claimed that there are optical comfort issues with LCD. Users of displays are getting younger and younger. Yong said that 435 nm emissions can cause macular degeneration in the eye. AMOLED tends to have a lower level of high energy blue compared to LCD.

EDO dangerous blue light