E Ink Flexible Display and More at SID 17

New at the E Ink booth on the SID expo show floor was the company’s flexible paper and demo of a foldable display based on its new technology.

Based on its Mobius Flex technology, the flexible prototype uses a 10.3 inch display with 227 point per inch (ppi) resolution and a 7.5 mm bend radius. We were told this size “can grow” but no details on the size limit could be stated with certainty yet. This particular proof of concept device was meant to be a “pocket size” product that we were told should see the light of day no later than next year (2018.)

sid 17 eink foldable4 smallFoldable display prototype shown at E Ink booth at Display Week 2017, source: Sechrist for Meko

SID 17 eink 6E Ink flexible display prototype device with tight bend radius, Source: Sechrist for Meko

Harit Doshi of the E Ink signage business unit also briefed us on its digital signage version of Mobius Flex. He told of a 32-inch diagonal size display with a remarkable 150 gr weight, less than 6 ounces. The display offers a 2650 x 1440 display resolution that clocks in at 94 ppi.

sid 17 eink flexbig1 smE Ink flexible digital signage display announced at SID 2017 Display Week, source: Company Doshi claimed it is a perfect drop-in replacement for existing signage deployments. The company is targeting transportation and other public information systems that need to survive catastrophic events resulting in power outages. The multi-curved capable display can be used to wrap around fixed architectural structures and is suitable for bus, train or other mass transit settings.

The company also announced an LTPS backplane with 400ppi and 600ppi of pixel density, from a collaborative effort with Japan based JDI (Japan Display Inc.) It’s the “highest resolution electronic paper display” with hopes of “significant technological breakthroughs” to follow that will enable customers to apply the front plane electrophoretic technology to new use applications. For details on this see our previous coverage, E Ink, Japan Display co-develop LTPS e-paper and our JDI booth report (JDI Innovates with LTPS, Flexible and OLED)

SID 17 eink quirkQuilla connected e writer at SID Display Week previously shown by E Ink, Source: Sechrist for Meko

Sid 17 eink board1Tiled E Ink color displays for the digital signage market, Source: Sechrist for Meko

Also shown in the booth this year (but not for the first time),

  1. A mosaic of 20 inch Advanced Color displays featuring an expanded color gamut.
  2. E Ink’s 42” display, featured in the QuirkLogic Quilla, the world’s first Connected eWriter, plus a 42” ePaper display product developed in cooperation with Global Display Solutions (GDS).
  3. Prism, Spectra display materials. Plus the latest eReaders with E Ink technology and wearable devices including the Withings Go and Sony FES watches.

As always, the E Ink booth didn’t disappoint. Most impressive was its progress along the flexible display front and new backplane options, with the company highlighting a very tight flexible display bend radius, and a new partnership with LTPS backplane maker JDI to boost display resolution into the 400 to 600 ppi range — Impressive. That said E Ink is no longer a lone supplier in the electrophoretic space, as ClearInk was also at the show with some impressive technology of its own. See our coverage on this below. Stephen Sechrist

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