DVDO and Miragevision TV Continue to Redefine the Outdoor Television Market With New Ultra-HD Video Enhancement Technology

DVDO®, Inc., an award-winning provider of industry leading, ultra high-definition (UHD) video image processing, switching and connectivity solutions, is excited to announce the inclusion of their proprietary video image processor in new MirageVision outdoor television systems.

MirageVision is the leading developer of ultra high-definition outdoor televisions that are weather-sealed and calibrated to thrive in a wide range of climate conditions. They are the outdoor television choice for some of the top sports stadiums, resorts, zoos, yachts, sports bars, and thousands of backyard home owners – just to name a few. With an ever increasing percentage of video content being provided by streaming services, MirageVision’s outdoor-optimized televisions are now able to reach their full, cinema quality potential in the heavily compressed streaming realm courtesy of DVDO’s proprietary hardware/software technology.

The exciting integration of DVDO technology into MirageVision’s already stellar quality outdoor televisions, optimized for the outdoors using their industry leading Mega Picture Enhancement Technology (MPET) calibration process, has resulted in the world class MirageVision Video/Image Processor (MVVP) which enhances picture quality even under the peak luminance of high-noon outdoor situations. Whether you’re watching the big game under the brightest of summer skies or braving the rains for an in-stadium, rain-or-shine experience, MirageVision’s weatherproofing technology, MPET Calibration, and life-like MVVP image processing from DVDO will bring the big game to your back yard.
“Since most streaming content is still 1080p resolution or below, the technology built into DVDO’s proprietary processor is exactly what consumers need to ensure their 4K TV displays brilliant UHD content, even in the toughest situations and environments,” said Doug Fealtman, CEO of DVDO, Inc. “Your top of the line television is only as good as the signal it’s receiving. By adding our processing technology to MirageVision Outdoor Televisions, consumers get to fully realize their investment by enjoying the highest picture quality available.”

MirageVision was most recently selected as a “Reseller Partner” for Samsung’s line of commercial TVs, Displays and Digital Signage to custom retrofit them for outdoor use. MirageVision’s Diamond Pro and Diamond Pro-C line of Ultra HD (4K) TVs will always be the latest and greatest outdoor TVs utilizing Samsung displays. This continued partnership between industry leaders, combining DVDO’s proprietary scaling and video enhancement technology with MirageVision’s outdoor calibration expertise and state-of-the-art custom weatherproofing techniques, continues to raise the bar for the ultimate outdoor cinematic experience.
“We have chosen DVDO as our exclusive video/image processor after several year’s research trying to find a solution to enhance the picture quality of our outdoor TVs, especially in bright daytime sunlight. DVDO’s ability to work with us to increase our outdoor TVs picture quality has become essential in creating the world’s most hi-tech outdoor TV today,” said Dale Potts, CEO and Founder of MirageVision Outdoor TVs.

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