DSF to Run Google Hangout on 4K in Digital Signage

The North American Digital Signage Federation is planning a “Google Hangout” session to discuss 4K in digital signage.

Video content production and screen resolution, particularly 4K format, often come up as emerging opportunities in digital signage. The objective of this panel discussion will be to cut through some of the clutter and get to the important questions most signage operators are considering, including:

  • What is 4K and how does it differ from what we see on most screens?
  • What types of screens and screen sizes are most applicable for 4K content?
  • Is content being created in 4K format actually making it to screens or is it limited in distribution and use?
  • When planning digital content how do you get to the decision point of whether or not to use 4K?
  • If I already have an existing network of screens how should I approach investing in new screens for 4K content?
  • What is the cost difference in 4K content production and distribution compared to 1080p?
  • Besides screens, what other hardware needs to be optimized for 4K content?

Panelists include:

  • Ben Hardy, NEC Display Solutions
  • Aaron Rees, Innovator, EpicEye
  • Jeff Weitzman, Director, Business Development, Navori
  • Eran Sharon, YCD Multimedia
  • Ryan Cahoy, Rise Vision – Moderator

Go here to register.