Dolby Vision Firmware Update for LG UP970 Blu-ray Player Now Available

The long-awaited firmware update to activate Dolby Vision HDR support for LG’s UP970 Blu-ray player is finally available for consumers.

This makes LG the second company to support Dolby Vision, after Oppo released its own player with Dolby Vision support earlier this year.

Dolby Vision HDR is regarded as being superior to HDR10, providing more accurate, brilliant colours. As such, more and more film studios are using the technology when developing their content.

Analyst Comment

On the other hand, although Dolby Vision has held the higher ground for a while, the HDR10+ scheme, which now has support from Panasonic and 20th Century Fox as well as the originator, Samsung, is likely to gather momentum once royalty free licensing starts in January. HDR10+ adds the dynamic metadata that is the key difference between Dolby Vision and HDR,

Dolby helps its licencees to tune their sets to get optimised results, but companies such as Panasonic, Sony and Samsung would not want or need that – and resent the royalties that Dolby wants. (BR)