Dlodlo’s New Generation 88g Wearable VR Product Dlodlo V1 Kick Starts Crowdfunding English N

Dlodlo V1, the first wearable VR headset in the world that looks like real sunglasses developed by Dlodlo, is set to launch crowdfunding on September 28th at Kickstarter with a goal of USD 200,000 in 40 days, offering a value price for customers at USD 559.

Small, lightweight, fashionable and durable, Dlodlo V1 attracted a lot of attention at its launch event on August 8 in New York due to the number of technological breakthroughs it offers. These include the following unique features:

  • Comfortable, trendy design weighing just 88g and with 16mm glass
  • 2400 x 1200 resolution and 90Hz refresh rate
  • 105 degree field of view
  • Reduction of dizziness by minimizing most of the dynamic delay through Dlodlo’s self-developed prediction algorithm

Through these technologies, Dlodlo V1 minimizes most of the dynamic delay to greatly reduce the dizziness when users wear the glasses. Meanwhile, it can automatically correct distortion to improve user’s experience with visual contents. Dlodlo has also installed special settings that adjust to the needs of short-sighted users so that regular glasses wearers do not need to wear extra corrective eyewear.

“Dlodlo V1 is a breakthrough in Dlodlo’s VR equipment development, and is a landmark step in introducing VR equipment to the public,” said Li Gang, CEO of Dlodlo. “It’s smaller, smarter, better looking and offers a better experience than other VR products in the market. We’ve made progress in every part from optics and electronics to material and structure.”

Dlodlo now has four product lines across its H, A, V and X series. Flagship models include the limited edition Dlodlo Glass H1, upgraded version of Dlodlo H2, Dlodlo A1 (for iPhone), Dlodlo V1, Dlodlo X1 all-in-one as well as independent external host D1.

In a move to expand its product range, Dlodlo is not only designing and developing wearable VR glasses, but also promoting VR related content, such as video, games and applications that are compatible with Dlodlo’s hardware. The company’s content platform now streams 658 videos, including 139 3D movies and 519 VR panorama clips. The platform also introduces 76 independent sports, action adventure and shooting games such as Basketball, Deep Space Battle and Lamper.

“Glass V1 is just a beginning,” says Li. “The next steps of our product strategy are not limited to producing the hardware, but offering content that encourages sharing. We want more people to be able to enjoy the ultimate virtual reality experience anytime and anywhere, and with things like smart glasses supported by hardware, software, application, platform and community, we can build a real Dlodlo World.”

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