DisplayLink Demos Wireless VR Adaptor at Nvidia Conference

DisplayLink, a provider of wireless VR graphics technology, recently showcased its latest multi-user-capable wireless VR solution at the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference. DisplayLink XR claims to deliver 78% more pixels on the HTC Vive Pro and Vive Wireless VR Adaptor.

The company demonstrated the most demanding VR gaming titles running on Nvidia GPUs, with the highest resolution Vive Pro over a single 60GHz WiGig channel. The adaptor features DisplayLink’s latest DL-8020 chipset. For more information, take a look at this launch video for DisplayLink XR, posted last year.

Analyst Comment

We saw DisplayLink at CES and MWC and the company was in a very positive mood, partly because of the progress it has made in wireless VR. (DisplayLink Upbeat and with a Big Booth and DisplayLink Still Upbeat). Of course, others are looking for solutions that do not depend on proprietary technologies such as the DisplayLink chips. (BR)