Display Week Announces Exhibitors’ Forum Speakers

If getting ahead of trends in display technology is important to your business, you need to be at Display Week 2015 in San Jose CA, May 31-June 5.

Case in point: SID has given Best in Show and Display Industry Awards to exhibiting companies like 3M, Nanosys, and QD Vision for their quantum dot technology over the last three years — as far back as 2012. Just this year at CES 2015, quantum-dot-enhanced TVs were confirmed as the hot TV trend in Las Vegas.

What will be the quantum dot phenomenon of the future? How will displays shape the future of wearable, mobile, automotive, and consumer products in the hottest markets? You’ll have to come to Display Week to find out. Register today and join us, not only for a display exhibition you won’t find anywhere else, but cutting-edge technical presentations, career-enhancing seminars and short courses, special networking events, and more.

Approximately 200 companies from around the world will come to San Jose to exhibit at Display Week. You’ll be able to visit, meet, and do business with them for three days since the exhibits run from Tuesday through Thursday, June 2 to June 4.

Come see the prototypes, technologies, and products that will be introduced at Display Week in San Jose before they are exhibited anywhere else. This is your once-a-year opportunity to connect with companies and colleagues who will shape the display industry in the years to come. The Exhibitors’ Forum chart below shows some of these important presentations, be sure to attend the talks in your technical area. It all happens first at Display Week!

10:45AM – 12:15PM
Session 1: Display Manufacturing and Components
1.1: Wearable Electronics and Textile Electronic Integration: Forecasts 2015-2015
H. Zervos
IDTechEx Inc.
Booth 946

1.2: Cu-alloy Sputtering Targets for Metal Mesh Material

Y. Yoshida
Daido Steel (America) Inc.
Booth 1919
1.3: Iwatani High-Impact Absorbent Acrylic Foam and Silicon OCA Technology
K. Kato
Iwatani Corporation
Booth 1240
1.4: VIZ-BOND ®: Novel Optical Bonding Technology for Flat and Curved Surfaces
J. Bartlett
Optical Filters USA LLC
Booth 915
1.5: Innovative Adhesive Tape Solutions for Displays
R. Schreiber
tesa SE
Booth 846
1.6: Temporary Bonding Adhesives
P. Malanaphy
Henkel Corporation
Booth 534
2:00PM – 3:45PM

Session 2: Touch Technology

2.1: Canatu’s New Generation of CNB Films: Unmatched Optical Performance Combined to Ultra-flexibility
B. Senior
Canatu Oy
Booth 447

2.2: Water, Conductive Liquids and Gloves – A Challenge for PCAP Systems

A. Trica
Data Modu AG
Booth 1340
2.3: Custom Touch System Solutions for Commercial Markets
M. Robrecht
Dawar Technologies Inc.
Booth 742
2.4: Selecting Touch Technology for Industrial Applications: When to Choose Resistive Versus Capacitive
B. DeVisser
Fujitsu Components America Inc.
Booth 1625
2.5: Capacitive Touch Panel for Automotive
D. Feeney
Goworld Display
Booth 242
2.6: Futaba
R. Dohring III
Futaba Corporation of America
Booth 1140
2.7: UICO
Booth 1434
9:15AM – 10:30AM

Session 3: Films and Coatings

3.1: Energy Curable Products for Conformal Coatings and Functional High RI Coatings
M. Hutchins
Allnex USA Inc.
Booth 945

3.2: FLEXX Flim Developments and Applications

M. Steward
Carestream Advanced Materials
Booth 941
3.3: Dexerials New Technology Trend of Anisotropic Conductive Film for Displays
Dexerials America Corporation
Booth 1134
3.4: New Solutions for Coating and Surface Treatment
Singulus Technologies AG
Booth 343
3.5: AR+IR+AF Touch Screen Coatings for Harsh Environments
R. Bruce
Iridian Spectral Technologies
Booth 1640
10:45AM – 12:00PM

Session 4: Materials and Glass for Displays

4.1: AGC Advanced Glass Solutions for High Performance and Functional Display Requirements
M. Iga
Asahi Glass Co.Ltd.
Booth 333

4.2: Advanced Glass: Enabling the Display Evolution

B. Ruffin
Corning Inc.
Booth 733
4.3: VISTA AR Glass & Acrylic
C. Carter
Tru Vue Inc.
Booth 1145
4.4: High Performance Oligomers & Monomers for Use in Optical/ Display
B. O’Toole
Miwon Specialty Chemical Co.
Booth 1542
4.5: Taica Corporation OPT Alpha-GEL – High-performance Silicone-based Optical Bonding Material, Delivering Superior Optical Performance and Shock-absorbing Capabilities
S. Szymanski
Taica North America Corporation
Booth 1415
3:30PM – 5:00PM

Session 5: Display Metrology

5.1: Display Measurement Technology from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.
R. Klimek
Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Inc.
Booth 816

5.2: Advanced Imaging Colorimetry

M. Wolf
Instruments Systems GmbH
Booth 818
5.3: Display Cable s12p Simulation & Measurement
G. Young
Booth 142
5.4: From Manual Inspection to AOI – Perceptions and Realities
J. Koenig
Schenk Inspection Systems
Booth 423
5.5: Stable Measurement of 10-6gm-2 Day 1-Water Vapor Transmission Rate in Barrier Materials by Intermittent Accumulation and Release by a Cold Trap
T. Shimada
Hokkaido University (Uniglobe Kisco)
Booth 645
5.6: Revolutionary Multi-modality Vision for Enhanced Defect Detection
RB Tolila
Orbotech Ltd.
Booth 1526
9:15AM – 10:45AM

Session 6: Innovative Display Technologies and Applications

6.1: Bidirectional Expansion of Collimated Laser Beam as Backlight for Holographic 3D Display
C. Glob, Fraunhofer
Institute for Organic Electronics
Booth 222

6.2: The Device and Circuit Simulation for Display Technology

W-S Lee
Silvaco Inc.
Booth 344
6.3: New Technologies Enabling Ubiquitous Displays
L. Lin
Solomon Systech Limited
Booth 917
6.4: New Advances in Resized LCDs—The Great Enabler
L. Tannas
Tannas Electronic Displays Inc.
Booth 1115
6.5: THine Electronics’ High Speed Serial Interface IC for the Next Generation Display
T. Lee
Macnica USA
Booth 1740
6.6: Specialty Display Products & Enhancements Optika’s Specialty Display Platform Strategy, Optical Enhancement Services, R&D and Product Development
B. Caldarella
Optika Display
Booth 1419