Diota Offers Tablet or Projection A/R

Diota is a supplier of professional 3D and A/R software for industry and has customer installations including PSA and SNCF in France and Volkswagen in Germany. It was showing a system that allowed the playback of 3D content from models in Catia (from Dassault) format. It has A/R technology that uses a combined PC, projector and camera that has very fast tracking and can be used to analyse a scene and superimpose information for operators and inspectors. The ISAR-DX1 is the product name and the company told us that it will soon have a new smaller and sleeker industrial design. The system doesn’t need targets for aligment and can achieve accuracy of “better than 2mm”. One of the reasons for using a projector is that the company has found that the angle of field of view of glasses is just too narrow for many applications.

Diota has also got a tablet-based A/R system for applications where a tablet is more appropriate than a projector.

Diota tablet cameraDiota showed its tablet camera for A/R. Image:Meko

Diota Projection targetThe Diota projection A/R system can map to <2mm accuracy to guide assembly & inspection. Image:Meko

Diota mapping projectorDiota’s mapping projector will be redesigned shortly. Image: Meko