Digitimes Research Predicts 2-5% CAGR for LED Production Value


Digitimes Research has published new figures, estimating that global production value for high-brightness LED chips will grow 2-5% year-on-year between 2018 and 2022. The prediction is based on the industry’s value in 2017, which is estimated to be $13.18 billion, a 2.8% growth from 2016 figures.

The report states that automotive applications will grow at a rate of 13-15% annually, while display applications will rise by 8-11%. LED lighting is believed to be reaching its saturation point, so Digitimes Research is anticipating an annual growth of less than 10%.

Applications for TVs, notebooks, monitors and tablets are expected to decline slightly year-on-year. The report also predicts that backlighting applications for smartphones will drop significantly as more and more manufacturers opt for AMOLED displays.

Infra-red LED chips have been developed for use in biometrics, including fingerprint, facial and iris recognition, as well as advanced driver assistance systems and the Internet of Things. Ultraviolet LEDs are now in use in industrial settings, the medical treatment of skin disorders and environmental purification processes.

The article makes mention of mini LED chips, which are beginning to find their way into displays with fine pixel-pitch, in-car display modules and high-contrast display backlighting. Micro LEDs, on the other hand, are experiencing bottlenecks in the design process, and commercial applications are not expected until next year at the earliest.