DigiLens Inc. Introduces ARGO

DigiLens announced the launch of ARGO, the first purpose-built, standalone AR/XR device designed for enterprise and industrial-lite workers.

ARGO smartglasses feature DigiLens’ best-in-class crystal waveguides with industry-leading minimal eye glow and a small footprint, and are daylight bright for inside and outside use, resulting in a more user-friendly and socially acceptable product. ARGO improves communication and collaboration by creating a digitally-enabled workforce across a range of industries, empowering frontline workers from the field to the operating room.

“ARGO is the future of wearable computing,” says Chris Pickett, CEO of DigiLens Inc. “We are proud to launch the device the market has been asking for, and waiting for. ARGO will open up the next generation of mobile computing and voice and be the first true AR device to be deployed at mass scale. By helping people connect and collaborate in the real – not merely virtual – world, ARGO will deliver productivity gains across sectors and improve people’s lives.”

Featuring a rugged industrial and enterprise construction, ARGO is designed to be hands-free and body position independent with voice and gaze recognition. The unit’s 48MP camera offers photorealistic image quality, while its multiple microphones can pick up a user’s voice in noisy environments. ARGO’s connectivity options allow the device to be used virtually anywhere, and its full-integrated DigiOS compatibility allows it to keep pace with the future of mobile computing.

With the launch of ARGO, DigiLens is delivering smartglasses with scalability and quality at a cost-effective price point for numerous industries, including healthcare, industrial, logistics, telecommunications, military and defense.

Not only does ARGO increase worker safety via increased situational awareness through real-time connectivity to environmental and other sensor technology, it also helps users work smarter by blending the digital and physical worlds with access to real-time data visualizations. In addition to increasing workforce productivity, reducing down-time, and minimizing delays through remote collaboration, ARGO also extends workforce availability and capacity via remote instruction and real-time supervision. It also reduces costs by overcoming the barriers of time, distance, and training to deliver expertise when and where it’s needed most.