Taiwanese Companies See Improved September Sales

Acer reported September revenue of NT$22.36 billion ($740 million), a rise of 11.5% MoM but down 0.8% YoY. This resulted in turnover to date of NT$170.24 billion ($5.6 billion), down 0.5%.

IPC maker Advantech saw September revenue of NT$3.94 billion ($130 million), up 3% MoM and 11.2% YoY. This brought turnover to date to NT$32.62 billion ($1.1 billion), an increase of 10.4%.

Delta Electronics Inc. posted September turnover of NT$20.75 billion ($686 million), up 6% from NT$19.6 billion ($648 million) a year earlier. This brought revenue to date to NT$162.22 billion ($5.36 billion), a rise of 3% from NT$157.34 billion ($5.2 billion). 55% of the company’s sales were of power electronics.

LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker Epistar saw sales for September of NT$2.48 billion ($82 million), up 6.2% MoM and 12.8% YoY. Q3 revenue was NT$7.06 billion ($234 million), rising 6.3% QoQ and 7.1% YoY, bringing turnover to date to NT$19.43 billion ($643 million), up 1.2%. The company said that the growth was due to increased shipments of blue-light LED chips.

Foxlink recorded turnover for September of NT$9.98 billion ($330 million), a rise of 14.2% MoM and 5% YoY. This resulted in sales to date of NT$64.22 billion ($2.1 billion), up 1.8%.

Gigabyte Technology saw revenue for the month of NT$5.7 billion ($189 million), an increase of 3.5% MoM and 8.7% YoY, resulting in sales to date of NT$44.36 billion ($1.5 billion), a rise of 10.9%.

HTC recorded revenue of NT$6.51 billion ($216 million) in September, more than double MoM but down 30% YoY. As a result Q3 turnover was NT$15.7 billion ($520 million), down 2.6% QoQ, and sales to date were NT$46.37 billion ($1.5 billion), a drop of 17% YoY. The increase in September was attributed to shipments of Pixel 2 smartphones to Google.

Notebook ODM Quanta Computer announced September turnover of NT$98.98 billion ($3.3 billion), up 8.5% MoM and 25.9% YoY. This brought revenue to date to NT$739.46 billion ($24.5 billion), a rise of 17.6%.

ODM Wistron reported September sales of NT$79.91 billion ($2.6 billion), up 19.9% MoM and 27.8% YoY, bringing revenue to date to NT$574.23 billion ($19.0 billion), an increase of 27.7%.