LDM & MDM Round Up Vol 25 #15

Dell has introduced new Alienware and G series notebooks for the Chinese market only according to local sources. There are Alienware 15 and 17 notebooks that will use 8th gen Intel core processors and will cost from CNY20,900 ($3,300) and CNY22,300 ($3,545), respectively. The company is expected to add two lower priced versions, later.

The G range (G3, G5, G7) are lower priced, although the top of the range G7 15 can include the latest Core i9 processor. The G7 15 is priced at CNY6,999 ($1,110); G3 15, CNY5,499 ($873); G3 17, CNY8,999 ($1,43) ; and G5 15, CNY$6,999 ($1,110).

Com Hem has announced a new TV hub for its and Boxer’s customers based on an Android system (Android TV 7.1.1) created by Technicolor and with collaboration from Google and 3SS. Features include a hardware Netflix button and support for Google’s Assistant voice technology. The box supports UltraHD with HDR and has 2GB of memory and 166GB of Flash.

The linear tv content in the TV Hub can be supplied to customers via FibreLAN, FibreCoax and with a standard antenna. The box supports Chromecast.

The list price for Tv Hub is SEK 1 695 incl. VAT. ($167 + tax)

Com Hem’s IPTV Hub supports UltraHD and HDR