Dell Cuts Add-Ons For Lower Prices

Last year at BETT, Dell showed off its S520 projector solution (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 4), which we first saw at Gitex 2013 (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 41). The S520 is a whole kit, including a projector, screen, wall mount and IR curtain device.
In 2014, Dell wanted to branch out and introduce a version of the S520 for schools that already had equipment like screens and mounts. To appeal to these customers, the company was showing the S510 and S510N (non-interactive). The projector has 3,100 lumens of brightness, 1280 x 800 resolution and can throw a 70″ – 100″ image. It also features WiDi, Miracast, HDMI and MHL-HDMI connectivity, and is supplied with an IR pen (not with the S510N).
A price point hasn’t been announced yet, but will be lower than the $3,300 that the S520 was sold for.
Maintaining its tradition of showing Gitex products at BETT, Dell was demonstrating the E5515H (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 41). This 55″ monitor is non-touch and is billed as a conference room unit, with a monitor scaler rather than a TV scaler inside. We heard at Gitex that channel partners Dell had talked to were very keen on the unit and they appear to have taken the company up on its offer, as the E5515H is available in EMEA now.
The Venue 8 7000 OLED tablet (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 37) was also being shown, but we couldn’t get a feel for the education uses – the staff at this area of the stand refused to talk to journalists! We feel that it is probably going to be too expensive to see mass adoption in the education market.