DARPA Working on Helmet Mounted Displays

DARPA hmd 1

DARPA has invested in augmented reality and related display technologies before and it seems the search for the perfect display solution continues. According to a report from Gizmodo Australia, DARPA has created a low cost alternative augmented reality prototype that could be the basis for the foot soldier.

Source: Gizmodo

The display appears to be of the see-around type instead of the see-through type, even though Gizmodo and several other news outlets compared the device to Google Glass (see-through type).

DARPA hmd 2

One of the goals is to incorporate this helmet mounted display in DARPA’s TransApp Ecosystem that connects mobile devices of soldiers in the field. The helmet mounted display would be just another way of sharing positional information. This information is important in the battlefield and can augment or replace GPS information if not available.

DARPA also has other programs that are aimed at this application. There is the ULTRA-Vis contract, administered by Applied Research Associates, as well as the Q-Warrior helmet mounted display system developed by BAE that aims at the same market. – NH