Daqri Recruits, but Lays Off, too

Daqri, which has been working on AR for professional applications has recently recruited Seamus Blackley and ‘key members’ of his team from Heat Engine, LLC, a rapid prototyping and development laboratory. Blackley, a high energy physicist is best known for assembling the team that designed and developed the original Xbox game console. The company said that Blackley and his team of approximately 15 engineers and scientists have joined DAQRI to continue the innovation and production of Software Defined Light (SDL). A recent scientific breakthrough from DAQRI, SDL uses software and a phase modulator to control the speed of light and create an entirely new three-dimensional light field, it said.

Analyst Comment

Separately, and without a press release, Business Insider reports that Daqri has laid off around 25% of its staff (around 80 from 330), with 60 from the head office in Sunnyvale, California. Daqri has raised quite a lot of money (we’ve seen numbers between $130 million and $200 million) and was reported to be seeking another $200 according to Bloomberg. We plan to follow up on the SDL concept. (BR)