CTL® Announces New and Improved Education Chromebook NL61

CTL® has announced their new CTL Rugged Education Chromebook NL61 today. The NL61 is the latest addition to a line of CTL NL6 Chromebooks that CTL first introduced in 2014. Over the years, CTL has updated the original model to meet the changing demands of the digital classroom. With each update, CTL has been able to add more power, longer battery life and a more rugged design.

The earlier model, the NL6B, includes a 180-degree hinge that enables the Chromebook to lie flat. This design feature will also be included in the NL61 as well as the convenient carry handle and 360-degree rotating camera. However, the NL61 will boast a more powerful processor than its predecessor, allowing it to get a whopping 14 hours of battery life.

“CTL products are evolving to meet the changing technology needs of educators and students. The NL61 still has the features that users loved about the NL6B. But now we’ve increased the power, extended the battery life and enhanced the rugged design,” said CTL President, Erik Stromquist.

CTL NL61 Rugged Convertible Chromebook Features and Benefits

11.6 non-glare panel
Intel N3160 Quad Core Processor (Intel Braswell)
4 GB DDR 1600
32GB Storage
Intel 3265 AC Wireless (AC 2×2)
2 USB 3.0
Increased battery life up to 14 hours.
Improved rugged design and easy teardown

The NL61 rugged Chromebook for education from CTL will ship in July and is available now for pre-order with a list price of $239.00 on CTL’s website. Quantity discounts apply for qualified education customers.

Touch Screen Version and X-Panel™ Protective Cover Available
Looking ahead, CTL plans to roll out the NL61T, a touch screen version of the NL61, by the end of the year. Both the NL61 and NL61T are available with the CTL X-Panel™ protective Chromebook cover pre-installed. The X-Panel is a pressure-resistant cover that doubles as a whiteboard and protects the top of the device, where most breaks happen. With reinforced corners and the ultra-protective cover that shields from pressure, the NL61 and NL61T with X-Protect cover will be 90% less likely to break due to force from the top.

CTL Chromebooks Come with Enterprise Level Support and Services
All of CTL’s Chromebooks are available with a host of enterprise-level support and services. CTL provides IT solutions and enterprise level educational services such as professional development, custom logo painting, Pearson Education software and eTextbooks, asset tagging and much more. To learn more about CTL’s professional development for educators, visit