Crocus Senses Flexing

Crocus Technology, based in Switzerland, has developed a sensor solution for flexible displays, built on its Magnetic Logic Unit (MLU) technology. MLU is a CMOS-based architecture using magnetic fields.

The new solution can detect the position and shape of flexible 2D surfaces. Crocus envisions it being applied to flexible shape-sensor foils in displays and solar panels. Such a sensor could provide information exactly how a display is bent; the information could then be used to, for example, correct distorted images.

According to Crocus, its technolology has an advantage over competing sensors. The MLU solution has high sensitivity and directional capabilities, so few sensors are required – making the solution cost-effective. In a 20cm² prototype, Crocus used 0.25 sensors per centimetre. In addition, the company says, the sensors consume little power (the prototype consumes less than 10mA during a 1ms sensing cycle) and detect changes quickly.