Could VR Headsets Hit 70 Million?

Digitimes Research in Taiwan believes that promotions by smartphone vendors of VR headsets with smartphones will mean a big boost to shipments in Q4 2016, boosting annual shipments to 70 million for the year and 5% of the global smartphone market . The group also believes that Sony will ship as many as three million PlayStation VR headsets in Q4 of this year.

Analyst Comment

Our good friend and collaborator, Dr. Jon Peddie, who is all over VR as you would expect given his 3D heritage, told us that he has identified 68 different suppliers of headsets, but his numbers (excluding Cardboard) suggest around 18 million (15 million with smartphones). Samsung is currently shipping Gear VR headsets with S7 Edge products (well, it would if it had stock in the UK!) and we reported on the bundle that Alcatel is offering in our IFA report. (BR)