Could PS VR be Made PC Compatible?

There is a “possibility” that Sony will make its Playstation VR headset compatible with PCs, not just the Playstation 4 console.

The news comes from a Nikkei interview with Sony EVP Masayasu Ito, translated by Eurogamer. He said, “The possibility exists since the PlayStation 4 shares many of its parts with the PC”.

The PSVR shares features like interfaces (a combination of HDMI and USB) with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift – the most well-known VR headsets for the PC ecosystem. However, there would be some challenges regarding Sony’s use of an external processor unit. A PC software layer would also need to be created, which would work with an existing library of VR titles on the PC. Support for the Playstation Camera and Playstation Move would also need to be integrated.

Analyst Comment

This move could propel the PSVR to become the mainstream headset of choice, as it has a much lower price point than the HTC or Oculus offerings. It would also mean that Sony’s platform could be competitive with the constantly-evolving enthusiast PC market; by contrast, consoles stagnate from one generation to the next. (TA)