CopTrax Introduces SmartGlass for Law Enforcement

CopTrax SmartGlass

While the Google Glass device has been pulled from the consumer market, Google did state that it will still supply the device for corporate applications. CopTrax, a wireless solution for video capture and upload of video files for law enforcement has announced the integration of augmented reality glasses into its product range. The device is being released by Stalker Radar, calling it CopTrax SmartGLASS.

Source: CopTrax by Stalker

From the image it is clear that the augmented reality headset is a Google Glass device that is integrated into the CopTrax infrastructure. According to the press release, the new system helps police officers by streaming live video from the SmartGLASS to the CopTRAX Command and Control Center. The system includes cloud storage of video evidence, preserves chain of custody and simplifies evidence management.

Of course, the system includes the Google Glass functions and allows for two way communication with the officer. It also includes a text to speech functionality to alert the wearer during use.

This is a typical professional application that makes complete sense for the use of an augmented reality headset. In the longer term, such applications may help the consumer to see more value in wearing an augmented reality headset. – Norbert Hildebrand