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Bob Raikes

Bob Raikes – Meko’s Principal & Managing Editor

“one of the industry’s most influential specialists” BBC

Bob Raikes is an experienced sales and marketing specialist in distribution and in the displays business in particular. From 1982 he was involved in the sales, marketing and distribution of computer displays, including seven years with Japanese monitor and graphic board maker Eizo, initially as sales director and later for five years as managing director of the company’s UK subsidiary. He established Meko Ltd, a specialist market research consultancy in 1994.

As well as being managing editor of (and a writer for!) Large Display Monitor, Mobile Display Monitor and Display Daily, Bob was for several years the displays editor for The Peddie Report and a regular contributor to Computer Shopper and other titles including the SID Information Display magazine. He has appeared on TV and radio, including BBC World and BBC Radio 4.

He is a regular speaker and keynote speaker at industry and corporate events.

Bob long ago decided that if Moore can have a law, he can have one too.

  • Bob’s First Law, first developed in the mid-1980s, states: “Everyone that buys a computer, always buys another”.
  • Bob’s Second Law states: “Anything that increases the visual bandwidth wins in the end”. This observation dates from slightly later, after years of hearing the questions: “Who needs graphics?”, “Who needs colour?”, “Why does anyone need more than 256 colours/a 15″ screen/VGA resolution?”. The law predicts that there will be a continuous development of electronic displays until they match the capabilities of human visual perception
  • Bob’s Third Law is that “Channels only multiply”. Over time, there are always more ways to buy things.