Coates Uses VR for QSRs & Retail

Coates Group, a specialist in digital merchandising software, kiosks, and digital drive-thrus, claims to be the industry’s first to use Virtual Reality (VR) from a B2B perspective, allowing brands to physically see and develop new digital hardware and content within their own virtual store. Coates is showing this to clients at their new Lab in Chicago.

The Coates VR experience allows clients to:

  • Visualize entire spaces and merchandising campaigns in the early design phase
  • Complete design control from the point of conception
  • Tailor and revise digital solutions earlier in the process
  • Reduce piloting and modelling costs and time
  • Test and develop through the eyes of customers for maximum engagement
  • Conduct focus groups to collect real world insights

Coates has initially developed this tool with retail and quick service restaurants (QSR’s) in mind. Recently, Coates said that it worked with a global QSR to enhance the drive-thru experience and tackle some of the inherent challenges faced by the customer at the drive-thru. Coates allowed its client to experience and manipulate the customer journey through different merchandising options and updated hardware modeling. Coates and their client are ultimately working together to increase revenue by driving up-sell, reducing drive-thru times and improving the overall customer experience.