CMOS Sensor Enables 100fps Gesture Tracking

A Japanese firm, Exvision, has developed a technology for high-speed gesture control using a conventional CMOS sensor.

The Exvision Gesture System (EGS) can recognise both of a user’s hands at 100fps, says the Nikkei website. Because it uses a standard CMOS sensor, a gesture-based controller can be produced at a lower cost than, for example, the Microsoft Kinect. The high speed tracking also means that the system ‘does not often lose track’, according to Exvision president Akio Fujii. Delay time is about 30ms, depending on external conditions.

Exvision will provide the EGS in two versions: a software system for PCs and a camera module. The first option is for PCs with a GPU; the second is for those without a GPU. The camera module has a USB connection and is supplied with an SoC capable of image recognition.

Samples of the module are due to be shipped in autumn this year.