Christie’s Heavy-Duty 304K Enables 360° Projection

Christie’s new 3DLP projector, the Mirage 304K, can reach up to a 120Hz refresh rate and 360° projection. It is a bright (30,000-lumen) unit, built for 3D applications and advanced visualisation: for instance, automotive, government and military projection.

Featuring the TruLife electronics platform (Christie’s name for high resolution projection, combined with high frame rates), the 304K supports a video-processing pipeline of up to 1.2 Gigapixels per second. Christie Twist, for warping and edge-blending, is also supported.

The projector can be used 24/7. It uses six 450W lamps (1,500 hours to 70% brightness) and has a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and DCI-4k resolution. DisplayPort (x8) and RJ45 (for HDBaseT) inputs are featured; dual-link DVI and twin HDMI input cards can be added as options.

Fixed throw ratios are 0.72:1 or 0.9:1. Zoom throw ratios range from 1.13 – 1.31:1 to 5.43 – 7.69:1.

The projector measures 597 x 959 x 305mm and weighs 70kg. It was shown at the IVR event in Japan this month. We have asked Christie for launch information.