Christie Breaks DLP Brightness Record

Introduced recently at Live Design International, Christie’s Roadie 4K45 marks a new 3DLP brightness level.

As well as DCI-4k resolution at 60Hz (with optional 120Hz), the 4K45 outputs up to 43,000 lumens of brightness. It is said to be the industry’s brightest lamp-based projector, with lamps ranging from 2kW to 7kW (lasting between 3,500 and 400 hours).

An installation unit, twist and warp are built in to the 4K45, to support pixel-mapping. The lamps are user-replaceable and can be aligned automatically with a button press. A frame is also available to stack and rig the projector.

Contrast ratio is 2.000:1, with multiple lens options. There are two fixed lenses (0.72:1 and 1.0:1) and seven zoom lenses (ranging from 1.13-1.31:1 to 5.43-7.69:1).

As well as RJ45 and RS232 ports for control, the 4K45 features DisplayPort (x2) and 3G-SDI (x2) inputs. Dual-link DVI and HDMI (x2) inputs are optionally available.

The Roadie 4K45 measures 647 x 1,329 x 522mm and weighs 129kg without a lens. It will be launched in March, by which time we expect to have more information regarding the projector’s performance.