Chinese Reed Smartglasses Shown at International Industrial Design Fair

According to, a Chinese news portal, an unnamed Chinese company has developed augmented reality smartglasses that are more stylish and powerful than Google Glass. The new headset will also cost only about one third of Google Glass, bringing the price down to around $500.

The article is short on detail but adds that according to tech experts, the Reed Glass is more advanced than its Google counterpart in terms of the display technology and also has a better battery life.

As the short article explains, the “renowned Italy genius designer Stefano Giovannoni” is responsible for the design. Most importantly, however, the article states that the Chinese side of the co-operation owns the intellectual rights to the core technology.

The most surprising part of the whole story is that there is only one article available on the internet showing this device. Without a company name it is impossible to confirm this report. Even the designer’s website does not mention any smartglasses design. – Norbert Hildebrand