China to Boost LED Capacity

Digitimes reports that Chinese LED makers are boosting the capacity for LED manufacture with 300 more MOCVD equipment sets coming online in the period from October 2018 to the end of March 2019. That will add 4.9 million wafers per month to capacity (1.45 million more in 2018, 3.45 million more in 2019). Production value for LEDs will rise 14% this year and packaging revenues will rise 15% this year according to data from Gaogong Industry Research Institute (GGII), quoted by the blog. The site reports Epistar forecasting 8% CAGR over the next three to five years. Production of miniLEDs will start for the company in the second half of this year and may represent 3% to 5% of its value output, growing to 7% next year.