China Clarifies Stance on iPhone Use Among Officials

Amid swirling rumors, the Chinese government has categorically denied any official ban on the use of iPhones. According to Nikkei Asia, the Chinese foreign ministry has said that China “did not issue any law, regulation or policy document that bans the purchase and use of cellphones of foreign brands, such as iPhone.”

This clarification comes in response to recent media reports suggesting that certain government agencies in China might have restricted the use of iPhones among their employees. The remarks by the Foreign Ministry have led some observers to infer that while there may not be a formal ban, there could be informal advisories against the use of iPhones for official business. Such speculation arises in the context of long-standing recommendations from various central government bodies that employees opt for Chinese-branded products, notably those from Huawei, over foreign counterparts. Nevertheless, many public servants reportedly continue to use iPhones for personal activities. Apple’s flagship product holds an estimated 15% share of the Chinese market.

While the official stance paints a clear picture of the absence of any legislative action against foreign phone brands, the dynamics of smartphone use, especially in the realm of government business, remain under scrutiny amid growing tensions between China and the US.