Charm Engineering Prevails in Key Patent Dispute over Display Production Equipment

In a significant ruling for the display manufacturing sector, Charm Engineering has emerged victorious in a protracted patent lawsuit against Enjet that has spanned over three years. According to The Elec, the Korean Supreme Court recently rejected two appeals lodged by Enjet, thereby solidifying Charm Engineering’s legal standing in a case centered around the use of electrostatic force in 3D surface printing.

The patent in question, number 10-2012-0053734, is particularly crucial for the industry as it pertains to the rectification of defective patterns generated by inkjet systems during the production of display panels. Enjet initially asserted that Charm Engineering had infringed this patent in their manufacturing process. However, Charm Engineering countered, declaring it used its own patented technology for the purpose.

InventorFiledPatent TitleApplication in Display Industry
Enjet – Patent No. 10-2012-00537342012Method and apparatus for printing 3D surfaces using electrostatic forceUsed to correct defective patterns from inkjet systems in display panel manufacturing

This lawsuit’s origins can be traced back to the early 2000s when Enjet sent out infringement warnings to Charm Engineering. In response, Charm Engineering filed a suit in the Patent Court requesting for Enjet’s patent to be invalidated.

Both Charm Engineering and Enjet are known for supplying their display production equipment to industry giants like Samsung Display and LG Display, who have eagerly awaited resolution on this issue.