CamOptics and Jasper Display Joint Development Consortium Announcement

LCOS microdisplays are typically used for display applications like projectors, which is not necessarily a high growth market. At Photonics West, Jasper Display Corp. announced a co-operation agreement with CamOptics Ltd. a start-up technology company.

The target of the co-operation is the development and sales of wavelength selective switches (WSS) for the telecommunication market. In these WSS, a phase plate directs components of the incoming beam to spatially separated receivers, based on the wavelength of the light. Using phase modulation spatial light modulators (SLM) instead of phase plates allows for more flexibility in steering the wavelength components.

Jasper will supply LCOS backplanes to CamOptics, which will create the SLM for the telecommunication application. Jasper will then be responsible for sales and marketing of the finished modules. The company expects that these devices will become the basis for the next generation WSS based on the attractive cost versus performance characteristic. – Norbert Hildebrand