California Legislates on IoT Security

When there is technology development, it is often instructive to see what is happening in California, which often sets the trend for the rest of the US and the world. California looks to be setting a trend in mandating security features for internet connected devices which will include IoT sensors as well as smart devices. The legislation says:

“This bill, beginning on January 1, 2020, would require a manufacturer of a connected device, as those terms are defined, to equip the device with a reasonable security feature or features that are appropriate to the nature and function of the device, appropriate to the information it may collect, contain, or transmit, and designed to protect the device and any information contained therein from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure, as specified.”

Analyst Comment

It won’t be long before this kind of legislation rolls out to other states in the US and Europe. (BR)