Cadillac Celestiq: What Do Automotive Displays Look Like in a $300,000 EV

Later this year, General Motors (GM) is expected to begin hand assembly of the first Cadillac Celestiq, only one of which will be built a day or, in other words, a very exclusive car for a very exclusive clientele. The car itself is build on GM’s BEVG3 (battery electric vehicle, generation 3) architecture. It will deliver about 600 horsepower and 640 pound-feet of torque with its 111 kWh battery pack.

At a price of $300,000 and upwards, customers of the Celestiq are going to have a lot of say in how their final car rolls of the production line and therefore, there is no single interior configuration or layout, but Cadillac has provided some images and teases on the potential for the deployment of multiple displays, and it all begins with the impressive 55-inch front pillar-to-pillar HD screen.

The advanced dashboard display is actually composed of two separate screens that are placed under a single pane of glass. The driver-side display has a pixel density comparable to an 8K screen and is primarily used to show driver-specific and shared vehicle information. The passenger-side display is intended for the passengers to interact with media, use internet capabilities, connect their smartphones, and so forth. To ensure privacy and separation between the driver and the passenger, the passenger screen can be dimmed and shielded from the driver’s view when it is being used.

In addition to the central display, there are several other high-definition displays throughout the vehicle. The front console features an 11-inch diagonal touchscreen called the Front Command Center, which allows the driver or front passenger to control various vehicle features such as seating positions, cabin temperature, door opening and closing, and even tinting the all-glass roof panel.

There is also an 8-inch diagonal touchscreen called the Rear Command Center, which is mounted on the rear console and offers similar control capabilities for the rear occupants. For the convenience of the rear passengers, each of them has their own 12.6-inch diagonal advanced display mounted on the front seatbacks, providing personalized entertainment and control options.

To control the primary screen and other features of the infotainment system, a crystal multi-functional controller is located in the front center console. This controller is considered the crown jewel of the console and offers intuitive control with a finely crafted dial made of metal and glass. It also houses the Cadillac Goddess emblem, adding a touch of elegance to the interior design.

While not explicitly stated, LG is likely the supplier of all the main display components.