Cable Matters Introduces Active USB-C Cables With 4K Video, Up to 10 Gbps Data, and Power Delivery

Cable Matters®, an industry-leading supplier of connectivity solutions, announced new additions to their line of custom-designed USB-C products. The Cable Matters Active USB-C Cable, in a 10-foot length, is available now and the Cable Matters Active USB-C Extension Cable, in a 6-foot length, will be available at the end of September.

Both full-featured USB-C cables support 4K video, a data transfer rate up to 10 Gbps, and 60-watt power delivery.

The USB-C Cable that does MORE

Newer models of Mac® and Windows® notebooks have only a few USB-C or Thunderbolt™ 3 ports. Charging, data transfer and external video often require plugging and unplugging multiple cables and adapters for each function. The latest version of USB-C does more over a single USB-C cable. Now one can charge, transfer files and stream 4K video over the same cable.

Isn’t USB-C just USB-C?

USB-C cables can be full-featured, active or passive. The majority of USB-C cables can only offer limited data transfer up to 6 feet since they are passive. An active USB-C cable uses a signal booster to provide data transfer up to 10 Gbps over longer distances. Our full-featured active USB-C cable delivers video + charging + data transfer over a single cable.

Plug & Play to a 4K Display or USB-C Docking Station

Connect to an Ultrawide 4K monitor with an integrated USB-C hub or a USB-C docking station for video and data over a single cable. Power and charge a notebook up to 60 watts with pass-through power from the USB-C monitor or docking station.

Up to 10 Gbps at 10 Feet

10 Gbps is the current maximum data transfer rate for USB-C cables. This is twice the speed of the previous version of USB-C cables. Now one can utilize all the capabilities of the USB-C port on his laptop with a single cable. The Cable Matters Active USB-C Cable comes in a convenient 10-foot length to free up space on one’s desktop. Switch to an active USB-C cable instead of using multiple dongles for each function.

Full-Featured Active USB-C

“Our Cable Matters Active USB-C Cables are among the first USB-C cables on the market that support 4K video, up to 10 Gbps data and 60-watt power delivery in a 10-foot length. Cable Matters constantly pushes the boundaries of our USB-C offerings to provide the best connectivity solutions for our customers.” – Jeff Jiang, President of Cable Matters

Shop for these active USB-C Cables at:

Cable Matters Active USB-C Cable (available now)
Cable Matters Active USB-C Extension Cable (available end of September)

About Cable Matters

Cable Matters, with headquarters in Southborough, Massachusetts, offers a complete line of cables, adapters, docking stations and networking products for the home, office, and data center. Cable Matters offers first-class quality products, backed by exceptional customer service, at an affordable price. Established in 2009, Cable Matters serves markets in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan.