C3Nano and Nissha Partner on Silver Nanowire Conductive Film

Silver nanowires (AgNW) are one alternative for ITO conductive films, offering low sheet resistance as well as low haze. This makes them a great solution for touch panels. C3Nano has announced that it is partnering with Nissha to develop silver nanowire type transparent conductors for touch sensor applications. This announcement comes together with a press release that says the company has already succeeded in developing such solutions for flexible touch sensor displays. It said, “Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies are developing and testing technologies to ensure environmental durability of silver nanowire based transparent inks”.

The AgNW solution is called Activegrid and achieves sheet resistance down to 30 ?/square at a haze of less than 1% based on ASTM D1003. C3nano will showcase Activegrid at the upcoming SID Display Week show at the San Jose Convention Center.

This comes after the earlier announcement of C2Nano’s acquisition of Aiden Co. Ltd, the Korean supplier of silver nanowires. According to the original press release, Aiden succeeded in developing a process for synthesizing uniform AgNWs at a large scale. – NH