HP Notebooks Offer Bright and Private Display Options

HP announced the EliteBook 800 series of notebooks which support 8th Generation Intel Core processors. The 830 G5 replaces the G4 model and boosts the display to 13.3″ in a ’12” notebook profile’. There is a range of display options all with FullHD. Non-touch options include

  • 220 cd/m² and 45% of sRGB,
  • 400 cd/m² and 72% of sRGB and
  • 300 cd/m² and 72% of sRGB with a privacy filter

The touch option has 220 cd/m² and 45% of sRGB and with Gorilla Glass 3. Graphics are from the Intel 620 graphics core. Maximum system ram is 32GB and storage up to 1TB. Connectivity is via USB Type-C and HDMI.

The EliteBook 840 G5 is claimed to be the world’s thinnest 14″ business notebook with an 8th Gen Intel Core processor and discrete graphics. The display has a range of options including

  • A FullHD unit with 220 cd/m² and 45% of sRGB,
  • A FullHD IPS unit with anti-glare coating and 400 cd/m² and 72% of sRGB.
  • an UltraHD IPS unit with anti-glare coating and 400 cd/m² and 72% of sRGB.

The graphics are supported by the Intel/AMD dual chip with a Radeon RX450 GPU with 4GB of RAM. There is a Thunderbolt port as well as an HDMI.

There are two new workstations, the ZBook 14u and ZBook 15U that both have the Radeon RX450 graphics and up to 2TB of storage. The workstations have a Sure View privacy filter option and have UltraHD touch displays with anti-glare coatings. The display options are

  • FullHD with or without touch.
  • FullHD with privacy filter
  • UltraHD

The workstations have Thunderbolt outputs that can support the new G2 dock (HP Boosts Monitors and Adds Dock with Audio)