Blackberry Looks to Android to Save Falling Share

The Blackberry Priv was seen earlier this year, known as the Venice (Rumour: Curved Screens Appear on Blackberry)During the announcement of its latest finance results (Blackberry Result 28/9/15), Blackberry confirmed that it is working on Android smartphone. The ‘Blackberry Priv’ (we are studiously ignoring the temptation to reference the ‘privy’ (toilet) – TA) is a privacy and security-focused model for enterprise users – the company’s core market. According to rumours, it will feature a 5.4″ screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution and a slide-out physical keyboard.

Analyst Comment

The BYOD trend may well stop this phone in its tracks – no-one wants to carry around an extra device just for work. We’ll see how well Silent Circle’s Blackphone 2 (Silent Circle Begins EPP With Secure Smartphone), which sounds a lot like the Priv, does in the coming months to get an idea of how the new Blackberry will perform. (TA)