Bitkom Says Video Streaming on the Rise in Germany

Bitkom, the German-based industry association for digital companies, has released the results of a survey of video streaming in Germany. The survey was addressed to 346 living in Germany aged 14 and above.

According to the results:

  • 59% agree that image quality of video streaming is acceptable.
  • 59% agree that they do not put themselves under pressure to turn on the TV since they can watch the content as a streamed feed.
  • 46% agree that they missed a live show and watched it later via streaming.
  • 44% agree that they watch less live TV because of streaming options.
  • 37% agree that they also use streaming sources to watch live content.
  • 33% agree that they use streamed content as a replacement for linear TV.
  • 18% agree that they think they can use streaming only and stop watching linear TV.

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These numbers show that the sentiment I have experienced over the last few weeks at several US-based TV conferences also holds true in Germany. I would assume that a similar trend, at least on a qualitative level, also exists in other countries around the world. Although broadcasting rules and business practices vary from region to region and, especially in Europe, even from country to country, the consumption trends seem to be the same everywhere.

An aspect of video streaming is also the issue of location independent home entertainment. While the streaming providers try to block access to content from locations outside of the designated country because of digital rights issues, this blocking is not easy to accomplish on a global basis. Changing the location settings inside a browser will trick certain security measures, while more sophisticated security measures may require somebody to use more complicated means to access the content. For some reason, my instinct tells me that the availability of hacks to avoid such security measures will not be an issue within the internet community.

Maybe it is time for the broadcasters and networks to address this issue of video streaming on a more global basis? – Norbert Hildebrand