BenQ Monitor is “Nearly Perfect”

BenQ announced its SW271 ‘professional’ UltraHD monitor last year (BenQ Brings New Monitors to Siggraph) and started shipping it this year. Now Tom’s Hardware has had a look at it and has made the unusual decision that it is ‘almost perfect’. The blog was able to calibrate the monitor to ‘reference-level accuracy’. The monitor suports HDR, but the reviewers found that it is not as good in contrast as the Dell UP2718Q which has a 384 zone FALD backlight and with a peak brightness of 1,000 cd/m². However, it is the most accurate in matching the PQ curve when presented with appropriate content, although the site reports that no adjustments are available in HDR mode.

DeltaE error in sRGB mode was 0.60 and in DCI-P3 (where it covers 89%) was measured at 0.80, better even than the NEC PA243W, although unifomity was much better on the NEC.

Benq SW271Tom’s Hardware likes the shade on this monitor.