BenQ Materials Showcases Functional Film Applications at Touch Taiwan 2018

BenQ Materials is showcasing its Advance True Black Functional Film (ATBF) and a unique dual-side projection film at Touch Taiwan 2018, alongside a range of film solutions for different applications, including mobile device, automobile and indoor applications.

BenQ says that ATBF provides customisability for diverse applications and effectively enhances 8K display quality in terms of resolution, image and colour. A 65″ display is being used to demonstrate both colour and dark performance. The company is also showing its functional film creation for mobile applications with rollable and foldable capability.

Additionally, BenQ’s company’s car-door-integrated PDLC/PNLC is also on display, featuring private and transparent modes that can be switched instantly.

Analyst Comment

I saw a good TN panel with wide viewing angle, shown by Dell, at the IFA show this week, but the company told us that the wide viewing film is not from BenQ Materials. (BR)