Barco’s Present-C is Unobtrusive

Barco’s Present-C 1DLP projectors feature wide aspect ratios (up to 21:9) to support the corporate shift towards local and remote collaboration. With a compact form factor – they are said to be smaller and lighter than models with comparable brightness levels -the Present-C models are intended to be easy to install.

10 projectors form the range. They are the CTWQ-51B; CRWQ-72B; CNWU-81B; CNHD-81B; CTPN-41B; CRPN-62B; CVHD-31B; CTHD-61B; CVWU-31B; and CTWU-61B. As they are designed for use in meeting rooms, they have been designed with a low noise level in mind – down to 25dB.

With a filter-free design, 2,000 – 2,500 hour lamp life (2,250 – 3,000 on the CVHD-31B and CVWU-31B) and three year warranty (extendable to five years), the projectors are designed for ‘unlimited’ use.

The Present-C range is available now, but Barco does not share prices.