BagTag Wants to Add Tags to Bags…..

BagTag is from the Netherlands and was at the show to introduce its electronic bag tagging system which is built around an E Ink display. The tag is designed to be fixed to individual bags by adhesives (3M VHB tape, apparently, which is also used to stick GoPros to helmets!) and uses bluetooth (or NFC) to talk to an app which can download the data from an airline check-in document to the label.

Bagtag PTE

Weak batteries are only a problem when a tag needs updating, so should be easy to sort before going to the airport.

The company has also developed a terminal to scan the baggage as well. Because the tag can be pre-configured as soon as check-in is complete (which can be online or via the phone), baggage drop takes “just 8 seconds”. Simply use a hand scanner to get data from the boarding pass (paper or on an app) and then scan the BagTag. That’s it!

Bagtag checkin

Staff told us that they have really given the tag a very hard time in testing and it has also been tested by United Airlines, which told the company that it knew the most dangerous airports for baggage damage in the world. It used them for testing and was, apparently, happy with the result. BagTag told us that it has even cut displays into two, with scissors “and they still work”. The display is behind a polycarbonate cover which should be very resilient.

Initially, BagTag is supplying tags to airlines for free distribution to frequent flyers. Once there is enough support through apps for different airlines, the company will sell direct. The tags cost €35 each.