AV Stumpfl Introduces GPU Based Video Decoding Algorithm for Media Server Line Up

The ambitious engineering team at AV Stumpfl® has taken their upcoming Wings Vioso RX software to the next level, adding a video decoding algorithm which uses specialized GPU instructions instead of regular CPU processes.

AV Stumpfl has been developing a new solution for video playback in the entire lineup of video servers and players. In the past, decoding of compressed video contents hasbeen done in the CPU of a media server and the decoded data was transferred via the PCI bus to the GPU for playout.

Using the newly implemented technology, the data is transferred still compressed over the PCI bus and unpacked and decoded in the GPU. This way a way higher bandwidth and more decoding power becomes available which results in higher image quality, more concurrent video layers, higher resolutions on the same physical hardware platform.

Of course, the current Wings Vioso platform has no content limitations, even if they exceed the maximum texture dimensions of the GPU, but the new compression technology is a good solution to fill the gap between uncompressed and regular video compression algorithms.

CEO Tobias Stumpfl said: “GPU decodingwill enable users to have the most advanced multi-display software available in the market today. Our developers have pushed even further to improve the performance of Wings Vioso RX.”