AIS Spins Out VR Society to Promote Content

The AIS (Advanced Imaging Society) has formed a new division called the VR Society. The VRS will provide research, seminars and best practice recommendations, to assist in the creation of high quality VR content.

AIS chairman Mike DeValue said, “For some time, our members and industry colleagues have indicated a need to prepare for and build virtual reality’s potential… As with any new content platform, we will need a collaborative and sustained industry-wide effort to meet the ‘premium experience’ expectations of consumers.”

The VRS’ first consumer survey, in April, found that anticipation around VR is high. 72% of adults aged 18-29, 70% aged 30-44 and 62% aged 45-60 said that they were excited about experiencing VR. More than 65% of respondents said that they were more excited about VR than HDTV and 3D, at similar early stages of development.

Jim Chabin, president of AIS, will take on the same role in the VR Society. Mark Lieber will act as the organisation’s head of VR; Nick Urbom as SVP of marketing and awards; and Irena Cronin as editorial director. Karen Tobin, AIS SVP, will also sit on the staff. Society members include Walt Disney, Sony Entertainment, Dreamworks, Warner Bros., AMD, Philips, Intel, Starbreeze and Masterimage.